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Correct method of construction and installation of rock wool sandwich board

 Dec 02,2020

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Author:   Wanzhi

The correct method of construction and installation of rock wool sandwich board. In the construction and installation of rock wool sandwich board, in addition to considering the overall structure, fire prevention and decoration effect, it should also consider its wind resistance performance, so as to improve the service life of rock wool sandwich board workshop and workshop. Rock wool sandwich panel plant mainly bears wind load, and its ability to resist wind load deformation depends on the thickness of rock wool sandwich board, the distance of fulcrum and supporting conditions. If the workshop span is too large, the plate surface is easy to produce deflection deformation under the wind load, which affects the overall effect of the workshop. If it is not used properly, it will leave irreversible plastic deformation on the board surface, which will bring great trouble to the construction and installation of rock wool sandwich panel. There are two ways to fix rock wool sandwich board: one is to fix the self tapping screw directly on the wall through the wall panel. Another method is that the self tapping screw is fixed on the wall surface by connecting pieces.

Installation process of color steel sandwich panel

In order to ensure the bearing capacity of the scaffold during construction, we should also consider: the distance between the wall surface of the color steel plate curtain, the working surface and the axis; find out the distance and position of the control point according to the reference screen wall surface, and pay attention to its visibility; find out the installation angle distance according to the reference curtain wall; and the level difference between the control elevation and the reference screen wall surface; The vertical distance from the building and the distance from each floor.

Use of weather resistant adhesive: fix the edge closing plate and flashing board, and seal the joint with weather resistant adhesive to prevent gas penetration and rainwater leakage. Attention should be paid to the following points during sealant injection: clean the impurities in the gap between the panels to ensure that the bonding surface is clean; in order to adjust the depth of the joint and prevent three sides from being stained with glue, fill the joint with PVC foam material, and then smooth the glue joint and wipe off the excess glue; pay attention to the maintenance after glue injection. The glue should not be stained with dust and scratched before it is completely hardened.

Before the construction of color steel sandwich panel roof panel or floor slab, the layout of plates, additional reinforcement and embedded parts shall be set out according to the design requirements. The joint of sandwich panel shall be placed at the support. Before plastering, the bottom support must be made. In the principle of not affecting the plastering and ensuring the structural deformation, the board surface is required to be flat without arching or bending. The prefabricated rock wool sandwich board roof panel or floor slab shall be made in a special factory. The prefabricated slab can be transported out of the factory only when it reaches 80% of the design strength. The transportation and stacking shall be supported stably and placed vertically. There should be special machines and tools for hoisting, and the board should be padded with slurry, which must be full and evenly stressed. After inspection and acceptance, grouting, pouring or paving of the whole surface course is allowed.

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